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>About Us

Welcome to Amanda


Plan a royal vacation!

All of the love stories start with "Amanda"!

Starting from nowhere,
Rumor has spread all around Kenting Peninsula
Amanda is located in Kenting South Bay
Its design is based on an ancient imperial palace
The brick-red sandstone exterior walls
are reminiscent of Tinghir in Morocco

As you witness the breathtaking castle
You may imagine as if you were in Morocco

Amanda derives from Latin "Lovable, worthy of love"
The name of a Greek goddess
A magnificent architecture turns into the landmark of southern Taiwan
It symbolizes beauty, sweetness, affluence
A place for travelers to own privacy and relax
A resort where you can enjoy the starry sky while taking a bath
Demonstrates the extreme luxury of southern Kenting
Worthy of recalling the memories in your whole life
Mystery and luxury represent Amanda
A deluxe hotel worthy of coming back again

The origin of "Amanda"

Owner of Amanda
When he was planning for life after retirement
Tended to lead a slow-paced, relaxing life
Felt like building a unique and elegant garden villa
In a trip to Morocco, North Africa
An astonishing and overwhelming Moroccan palace was first seen
The beauty of North Africa was humble and luxurious
He asked his wife politely
"Do you like it?"


He began his royal plan after returning to his homeland
Searching for domestic and foreign well-known architects
Choosing from a pile of drafts
Eventually selected the "Red Castle" as the main structure
To present the passion of Kenting
Thinking that one single city
Could not thoroughly express the beauty of Morocco
Six room types in Amanda then came into existence


To present the most genuine Moroccan architecture
Introduce furnishings from eight different countries around the world
Establish this signature building
At the South Bay of Kenting
"Amanda Hotel"


Experience a luxurious vacation
With your lover now!!