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>About Us


Amanda Hotel is located at the heart of the Hengchun Peninsula. We are 10 minutes’ walk from South Bay (Nanwan), the hub of water activities; and within 15 minutes’ drive from major attractions, such as Kenting Forest Recreation Area, Kenting Street (Kenting Night Market), Houbihu Harbour (Fresh seafood), and Hengchun Old Streets and Gates. Within 30 minutes’ drive, the visitors can reach National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, Shuchunghsi Hot-Spring, the Lighthouse Park (Eluanbi Park), and Jialeshuei (Surfing festival). Amanda Hotel may well be the centre of your holiday plan to explore Kenting’s beautiful nature and play popular water and land-based activities.

With a coastline of 70 km, Kenting boasts a rich variety of oceanic landforms such as coral reefs and sandy beaches. Early on, the Kenting Forest Recreation Area was renowned among the Taiwanese population; in the 1960s surfing was introduced by the US Army stationed nearby and popular ever since; the Kenting Night Market was also there assembled by a number of souvenir stalls along a nearby street. In 1982 Taiwan’s first national park was established in Kenting and including a large part of the Hengchun Peninsula’s scenic and fun spots. Along with the national park’s growth, new attractions were founded and activities invented. Spring Scream Music Festival started in 1995; National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium opened on Feb 25, 2000; in 2006 Kenting International Surfing Competition kicked off; and the night market is now packed with tourists the whole year. The Kenting National Park attracts hundreds of thousands of holiday-makers inland and overseas every year.
At a close range from Kenting’s major tourist spots, we endeavour to introduce the best of Kenting to our guests. Information in relation to transportation, tourist attractions, water activities, popular events, and local delicacy, is available on Amanda’s website, by telephone, and through messaging apps. When requested, we may book the above services on our guest's behalf, though the guests will have to contact the business by themselves in the end.

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【Public Transportation】

  • Ma'anshan: the bus stop next to Amanda Hotel, 20 meters away.
  • Hengchun: the political and commercial center of this area. Kenting is a subordinate service district of Hengchun. 
  • Hengchun Bus Station: the closest bus terminal.
  • HSR: High Speed Rail services
  • TR: Traditional Rail services

By Bus
  • Three long range bus services are available between Kaohsiung and Amanda Hotel.
  1. Kenting Express, service no. 9189, starts at the Taiwan High Speed Rail Station Kaohsiung-Zuoying. This service is available every half hour between 08:30 and 19:30. The bus trip to Hengchun takes approximately 2 hours. To take the Kenting Express bus, the guest is "required" to buy the ticket, or to book a seat in case of using e-tickets, at the ticket booth located at the eastern corner of the HSR station lobby; then, follow the stairway to the ground floor and turn right to the bus platform.
    The guest is suggested to book a seat to the Hengchun Bus Station, which is actually a bus stop opposite to the bus terminal on the other side of the road. Thereafter, the guest may take taxi or local bus services to Amanda Hotel, yet we suggest you to exploit our shuttle service.
    Please be mindful that the guest taking Kenting Express with Easycards will have a 50% discount until the summer of 2025.
    ※ Click here for Kenting Express Line
  2. Long Range Bus service 9188 is available according to the bus timetable between 06:00 and 22:00, at the Kaohsiung Bus Station, which is next to the Taiwan Railways Station Kaohsiung to the east. Please buy a ticket to Ma'anshan, of which the bus stop is right next to us. Please keep in mind that this service has more than 40 stops between Kaohsiung and Ma'anshan and that the trip may take more than 2.5 hours.
    ※ Click here for 9188 Line
  3. Long Range Bus service 9117 is available according to the bus timetable between 06:00 and 22:00. This is the only long range bus service available at Kaohsiung International Airport. The guest please take the bus to Ma'anshan as well. Please be mindful that this service has even more stops than 9188 has.
    ※ Click here for 9117 Line
  4. Local bus services are available between Ma'anshan and major attractions, for example, the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, the Lighthouse Park, the Kenting Street, and Hengchun Town.
    Please be mindful that bus services are rather limited on the routes to Kenting National Forest Recreation Park, Jialeshuei, Houbihu Harbour, Sichogxi Hotspring area, and the attractions along the eastern and western coasts. Instead of buses, taxis and own vehicles are recommended.
  • The iBus App is quite handy for travelling by bus in Taiwan. Please see details of iBus Introduction on our website.

By Taiwan High Speed Rail (timetable and online booking)
  • The trip by THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) train from Taipei to Kaohsiung-Zuoying Station takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hours; from Taichung, around 1 hour.
  • At HSR Zuoying Station, please take Kenting Express bus, no. 9189, to Hengchun.
By Taiwan Railways (timetable and online booking. Please be mindful that the TR Kaohsiung Station and the HSR Kaohsiung-Zuoying station are two different establishments located at different places in Kaohsiung City.):
  • The trip by TR (Taiwan Railways, traditional rail service) train from Taipei to Kaohsiung Station takes approximately 4.5 hours.  It is much slower than the HSR, but it is a good choice for short range travel or for the trip to or from eastern Taiwan.
  1. From Kaohsiung, please take 9188 to Ma'anshan, which is right next to Amanda Hotel.
  2. From Fangliao, which is the transfer station from Eastern Taiwan to Kenting, services of 9189, 9188 and 9117 are all available at Fangliao Bus Station, which is a block away from the TR Station to the south-west.

By Plane
  • From Taoyuan International Airport, Please take HSR train to Kaohsiung-Zuoying Station, where to change to Kenting Express to Hengchun.
  • From Kaohsiung International Airport, please take the long range bus service, no. 9117, to  Ma'anshan; or take MRT (Subway) to the THSR Zuoying Station and change to Kenting Express 9189; or take MRT to the TR Kaohsiung Station and change to 9188 to Ma'anshan.

【Free Shuttle Service】
  • Amanda Hotel provides the following shuttle services free, but please make a booking with the Front Desk staff by phone, emails, messages, or at front desk, as late as one day before the requested date.
  1. The trip between the Hengchun Bus Station and Amanda Hotel, upon the guest's arrival and departure.
  2. Friendly local hotels between Amanda Hotel, upon the guest's arrival and departure.
  • Upon request, we hire the taxi on the guest's behalf. The guest has to provide contact details to the taxi driver when the guest is outside Amanda Hotel. The taxi rates are as follow: 
  1. Shared taxi between THSR Station Kaohsiung and Amanda Hotel, $450 each person one way.
  2. Shared taxi between TR Station Kaohsiung and Amanda Hotel, $450 each person one way.
  3. Hired taxi between Kaohsiung International Airport and Amanda Hotel, $3,000 in a sedan and $4,000 in a nine-seater, one way.
  4. Hired taxi between THSR Station Kaohsiung and Amanda Hotel, $2,500 in a sedan and $3,500 in a nine-seater, one way.
  5. Hired taxi between TR Station Kaohsiung and Amanda Hotel, $2,500 in a sedan and $3,500 in a nine-seater, one way.
  • The above rates are subject to changes over holiday periods or according to the taxi company.

【By Car】
  • Amanda's GPS coordinates: +21° 57' 59.43", +120° 45' 28.78"
  1. When travelling on National Freeway No. 1, please change to Provincial Highway 88 at Wujia Junction, Kaohsiung. Following Provincial Highway 88 to the junction with National Freeway No. 3, where please go southbound. Get off National Freeway No. 3 at Nanchou Junction, turn left (eastbound), until reaching Provincial Highway 1 then go southbound. Thereafter, following the main road go all the way southbound to Hengchun. Amanda Hotel is located by the northbound lane of the main road between Hengchun Town and Southbay.
  2. When travelling on National Freeway No. 3, get off at Nanchou Junction, turn left (eastbound), until reaching Provincial Highway 1 then go southbound. Thereafter, following the main road go all the way southbound to Hengchun. Amanda Hotel is located by the northbound lane of the main road between Hengchun Town and Southbay.

  1. iBus_公路客運 is a simple but handy app for bus transport, issued by the Highway Bureau, MOTC. 
    First of all, after installation, the user can change its UI to English, together with the names of all bus stops.
    Secondly, for those who are unfamiliar with local bus transport, this app shows the locations of nearby bus stops on map and the time of the next buses arriving at the stop.
    Thirdly, its timetable is updated on a regular basis and is much more accurate than the bus stop timetable, which was mostly made before COVID.
 57178   57865   57866   57867
  1. E-tickets: To promote tourism in Taiwan, the Tourism Administration, MOTC, has announced a 50% discount on bus fares for the passengers who take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus services by means of EasycardiPASS、and icash e-tickets, which can be purchased at chain convenient stores, e.g. 7-11, Family Mart, and Hi-Life. This promotion is available until August 31, 2025. Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus service to Kenting is Kenting Express 9189. For more information of this promotion please visit the promotion website (Chinese only).

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