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The Southernmost Sea View Platform

>The Southernmost Sea View Platform

《Closed Notification》

The southernmost sea view platform is under construction so far.
It is closed until further notice on the official website.
We look forward to reopening to the public with a whole new outline

The sea view platform on the southernmost point on Taiwan is a sight that must not be missed; from here visitors can look out over the Taiwan Strait, Bashi Channel and the Pacific Ocean. Depending on the season, visitors might glimpse flocks of resting egrets, or hear the beautiful songs of thrushes. The platform used to be the home base of the 63rd Brigade of the Coast Guard Administration, and was not open to the general public. However, in 2011, it was finally opened to the public, allowing visitors to glimpse the mystery of the military land that had been closed for 20 years.

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