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Moroccan Tinghir

Ancient Imperial Palace Moroccan Tinghir

The brick-red sandstone exterior walls are reminiscent of Tinghir in Morocco.
There are carved arches based on Islamic architectural styles throughout all the corridors, as well as delicate hand-made artistic furniture within the whole villa; they are inlaid with silver and bronze, manifesting the beauty of Morocco’s ancient crafts.
The chairs are deliberately designed to be low, allowing visitors to experience the relaxing, easygoing lifestyle of Moroccans.

Amanda Hotel South of the border

Amanda Hotel
Elegant, Beautiful, Dazzling

Amanda Hotel is located in the rich, tropical Kenting, at the southern tip of Taiwan.
Come and explore it!

Amanda Hotel

Savor the royal
Distinctive travel experience

Essaouira Restaurant

Essaouira is a renowned traveling destination in western Morocco.
The whole restaurant is surrounded with romantically-lit purple walls.
The silver-gilt furnishings are decorated with floral carvings, giving them a touch of French styles merged with regal, Moroccan luxury.


The Southernmost Sea View Platform

From the sea view platform, visitors can see:
The convergence of the Pacific Ocean, Bashi Channel and Taiwan Strait, 
when facing the ocean, on the left is the Pacific Ocean
The Bashi Channel is in the middle
The Taiwan Strait is on the right
Due to the influence of ocean currents, the waves are often choppy
Looking into the distance, viewers are surrounded by the magnificent view of the endless sky and the ocean of the same color.
It is a must-see for visitors in Kenting
It is currently the only place to see the convergence of the three major bodies of water in Taiwan.

    亞曼達會館粉絲專頁 墾丁索維拉餐廳粉絲專頁 104人力銀行 最南點粉絲專頁