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Exploring With Table

>Exploring With Table

The restaurant in Amanda is named after Essaouira, a renowned traveling destination in western Morocco.
The whole restaurant is surrounded with romantically-lit purple walls.
The silver-gilt furnishings are decorated with floral carvings, giving them a touch of French styles merged with regal, Moroccan luxury. Meals are mainly western-style steaks, though there are also countless other creative cuisines available, as well as various cocktails and beers.
The Essaouira is a new exotic choice for partying, dining out and drinking in Kenting.
Business Information

Opening Hours
Breakfast: 07:00~10:30 、Lunch: 11:30~14:00 、Dinner: 18:00~20:30 

Live Band Performance
● Location【Essaouira Restaurant】
Show 1 PM 18:00~18:45 、Show 2 PM 19:00~19:45

● Location【Marrakesh Square】
Show 3 PM 20:15~21:00 、Show 4 PM 21:15~22:00

※The band does not perform on Tuesdays. If the weather condition is poor, the show will be moved to indoor Essaouira Restaurant.
※The schedule is subject to change without prior notice.


Parking lot / Exclusive parking lot 、 Smoking area / Outdoor 、 Internet / Yes
Pet arrangements / Outdoor 、Reservations / Accepted 、Credit card / Yes 
Capacity / 218 people ( Restaurant seats: 118 + Outdoor seats: 100 )