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Reservation of Land Activities

  • ※ Amanda Hotel provides reservation service.
    The prices below are for reference only.
    The actual fees are subject to quotation of the corresponding company.

    There are plenty of interesting land activities in Kenting. Can’t wait to explore them...

    《Jeep Expedition》
    Price: NT$2200/ 4 PAX per car
    ◎ The Jeep with four-wheel drive, off-road function enables excitement-seekers to travel in the woods and rivers.


    《Go-kart Racing》
    Price: NT$200~300
    ◎ If you are seeking for the excitement of speed, go-kart racing would be your best choice. By racing on the outdoor tracks with competitive racers, you will gain a sense of achievement as you beat them with powerful, high speed.


    《OTD Paintball》
    Price: NT$650/ 1 PAX
    ◎ Before the game starts, you will be dressed like a soldier and be given a paintball gun. During the competition, you have to eliminate as many opponents as possible by tagging them with colorful paintballs in order to win the game.


    《Bouncy Bumping》
    Price: NT$380/ 2 PAX
    ◎ The inflatable bouncy bumper provides protection for players as they are enjoying the excitement of rolling down the hill.


    《Recreational Gun Shooting》
    Price: $450/ 1 PAX
    ◎ With real guns and bullets, you can experience the recoil force of shooting guns as well as test yourself how well you are able to target precisely.


    《SiChongXi Hot Spring》
    Price: NT$250~1000
    ◎ 100% sodium bicarbonate spring is edible. Reputation of one of Taiwan’s four major hot springs. Every winter the county will hold grand spa season activities here.


    《Paradise of Deer》
    Ticket Price: NT$200 (Including NT$100 discount from purchase in the park)
    Children under 115 cm are free of charge.
    ◎ You can have a fun time feeding and caressing cute deer in the park.


    《All Terrain Vehicle》
    Price: NT$600~1000/ 1 PAX
    ◎ The four-wheel drive, off-road ATV can take you into the wilderness.


    《Horseback Riding》

    Riding Experience: NT$100/ 1 PAX
    In-course Lesson: NT$600~1200/ 1 PAX
    Wild Lesson: NT$700~1800/ 1 PAX


    Have you decided which interesting activities to play?
    ※ Amanda Hotel provides reservation service. Please contact Hotel’s Service Desk for any inquiries.
    ※ The listed prices are for reference only. The actual fees are subject to quotation of the corresponding company.