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  • Longkeng Ecological Protective Area

    Longkeng Ecological Protective Area

    One of the two preserved natural habitats within the Kenting National Park. If you want to give yourself an educational ecology tour, remember to book and apply entrance pass from the Kenting National Park Tourist Centre.

    Far from us 13.8公里,Drive time 19分
  • Wind-drift Sand

    Wind-drift Sand

    A very special natural landscape of sand moving upward from the bottom of cliff. Sand is moved hundreds of meters away from the coast all due to the strong wind.

    Far from us 19.3公里,Drive time 27分
  • Manzhou Flowers Garden

    Manzhou Flowers Garden

    Known as the “back garden of Kenting” Next Reed bridge 25 hectares of flowers are here for you to explore. Come here to this new attraction that is not well known of tourists.

    Far from us 16.1公里,Drive time 23分
  • Wanlitong


    Rocky reefs off the shore are rich in marine ecology, which is very suitable for rock fishing, and is also a paradise for advanced divers.

    Far from us 8.4公里,Drive time 12分
  • Fuan Temple

    Fuan Temple

    Taiwan’s largest temple of its kind, the amazing automatic offering furnace. Come and be blessed with a peaceful mind.

    Far from us 13.8公里,Drive time 21分
  • Houwan


    Houwan sunset can be comparable to world-class Guanshan sunset. When the sun sets, you are able to watch fishing boats’ return and enjoy the sunset under the cloudless sky.

    Far from us 14.6公里,Drive time 19分
  • Aberdeen Desert

    Aberdeen Desert

    Aberdeen seaside village in the edge of the Pacific Ocean by the northeast monsoon, grain of sand on the ever-changing, adding the dead Casuarina becomes a unique view. To prevail local jeep whirlwind of sand, it is the most exciting desert cliff, from nearly four-story 45-degree steep dive down. The excitement is not suitable for the elderly.

    Far from us 36.5公里,Drive time 53分
  • Hsuhai Grassland / Hot Spring

    Hsuhai Grassland / Hot Spring

    Hsuhai grassland has a stunning view of endless grassland on the cliff next to the pacific coast line. Come here for the cool breeze and enjoy the hot spring with the magnificent view.

    Far from us 43.8公里,Drive time 1小時
  • Eastern


    Here are many wetlands, planted many ginger lilies. In summer, ginger lilies can be seen in full bloom.

    Far from us 38.7公里,Drive time 1小時
  • Peony Reservoir

    Peony Reservoir


    Far from us 23.4公里,Drive time 34分
  • Shihmen Ancient Battlefield

    Shihmen Ancient Battlefield

    Shihmen ancient battlefield, a natural fortress. Although it is a long way to climb, the view is worth the climbing.

    Far from us 18.8公里,Drive time 28分
  • Gankou Drawbridge

    Gankou Drawbridge

    Gankou drawbridge is a landmark in Manzhou. Come seat on the bridge and enjoy a cup of “harbor tea” to relax and enjoy the southern Taiwan.

    Far from us 15.9公里,Drive time 22分
  • Qikong Waterfall

    Qikong Waterfall

    Instead of walking through the trail to see the waterfall, why not try river tracing up to it? Qikong waterfall is easy to do so and to have fun.

    Far from us 13.8公里,Drive time 22分
  • Chuhuo


    Whether called “The Dance of Fire” or “Fire of Ghost.”Mysterious atmosphere out of the fire is because natural gas under the ground leaks out. It is appropriate for night attractions.

    Far from us 6.1公里,Drive time 10分
  • Red Wood Pit

    Red Wood Pit

    Red Wood Pit near the sea is the most widely distributed Kenting coral reefs, the most concentrated area, and many experienced divers would choose to dive here.

    Far from us 6.0公里,Drive time 9分
  • White Sand Bay

    White Sand Bay

    Clear water, fine white sand, the sun shine. White Bay on the eastern side of the mesa barrier, when the northeast monsoon prevails even in winter, the waves remain calm throughout the year, which is suitable for swimming, diving, sailing and other water activities. A very popular spot in recent years.

    Far from us 1.9公里,Drive time 3分
  • Maobitou Park

    Maobitou Park

    Maobitou Park is a great place to enjoy star seeing without city light distraction.

    Far from us 7.7公里,Drive time 12分
  • Sisal Industry Historical Exhibition

    Sisal Industry Historical Exhibition

    Sisal industry had accompanied Hengchun, went through countless beautiful days. It has now been replaced by more advanced industries. Exhibition Hall inside tells the story belongs to that era…, brick by brick, plants and trees, deeply carved out the old scene of southern Taiwan.

    Far from us 3.2公里,Drive time 5分
  • The Southernmost Sea View Platform

    The Southernmost Sea View Platform

    Another tourist trending must-see. A lovely little place to show off to your friends that you have conquered the most southern place of Taiwan and even a better achievement if you have been to the most northern place of Taiwan.

    Far from us 13.1公里,Drive time 18分
  • Sand Island

    Sand Island

    Beach sand piled like a small island, which is why it is called Sand Island, is the only beach that is made up of shells in Taiwan. It is a quite precious resource in Taiwan.

    Far from us 12.0公里,Drive time 16分
  • Chuanfan Rock

    Chuanfan Rock

    Pass Kenting Street and continue to head south, you can see the coral; shape as a ship; about 18 meters high which is “Chuanfan Rock.” One of the landmarks of Kenting. Almost everyone has a picture here to let people know that you’ve been to Kenting.

    Far from us 8.7公里,Drive time 13分
  • Kenting Main Street

    Kenting Main Street

    Full of tropical style’s Kenting Street, every night were crowded as the town that never sleeps. All kinds of well-decorated restaurants along the street make it different from other night markets in Taiwan.

    Far from us 5.4公里,Drive time 8分
  • Nanwan


    South Bay=Blue Bay, the largest sandy coves in Kenting, is a paradise for water sports fans. Specialty restaurants and shops along the coast.

    Far from us 1.0公里,Drive time 2分
  • Jialeshuei


    Jialeshuei literally means ‘waterfall’ in Hokkien. It teems with marine life. The sandstone and coral reefs have long been eroded by strong winds and waves, so they are formed into special shapes and sizes. Furthermore, it is also a paradise for local surfing.

    Far from us 15.7公里,Drive time 21分
  • Longpan Park

    Longpan Park

    As a coral limestone tableland, Longpan is rich in slumping cliffs, caves, and fissures eroded by sea water. With a wide range of grassland, it has a magnificent view and is a spacious place for visitors to watch the sunrise, sunset, and the stars.

    Far from us 16.5公里,Drive time 23分
  • Eluanbi Lighthouse

    Eluanbi Lighthouse

    It is situated in the southernmost area of Taiwan. The lighthouse has the most powerful light in Taiwan so far. It was built in 1882, during the Qing Dynasty, and is also one-of-the-kind military lighthouse in the world. It was even elected as one of ‘the top 8 scenic spots in Taiwan’ during Japanese Colonial Period.

    Far from us 13.7公里,Drive time 20分
  • Guanshan Sunset Observation Deck

    Guanshan Sunset Observation Deck

    It is rated one of ‘the top 12 beautiful sunsets in the world’ by CNN. When the sun sets, the sea throws light off the coral reefs.

    Far from us 6.8公里,Drive time 11分
  • National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

    National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

    It is the largest aquarium in Taiwan. There are 3 different subject areas, including Water of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion, and Waters of the World. In addition, the underwater tunnel in the aquarium is 84 meters long and breeds rare Beluga whales.

    Far from us 14.7公里,Drive time 19分
  • Houbihu Harbor

    Houbihu Harbor

    It is a fish harbor close to the Pacific Ocean and Bashi Channel. Cold and warm currents intersect in this area, so it has abundant marine resources together with broad harbor and deep underwater course. Day by day, it has developed into the largest fish harbor with rich fishery and tourism resources in Kenting National Park. Every year from April to July, there would be a great number of Mahi Mahi, flying fish and sailfish, and the maximum catch of sailfish lies between October and March.

    Far from us 4.7公里,Drive time 8分
  • Hengchun Ancient City

    Hengchun Ancient City

    The perimeter of Hengchun City is approximately 2,600m. There are four gates in the city, which were primarily for the purpose of preventing enemy invasion. It took a total of 5 years to erect these gates since 1875 (the 1st year of Qing dynasty Guangxu Emperor Era). Accordingly, The Ancient City of Hengchun is classified as Class II National Heritage Site and is the most well-preserved ancient city in Taiwan. In Hengchun City, Zhongshan Road used to be a business street. Now, it becomes a place for tourists to enjoy old buildings, take a walk, and try ‘sweet green bean soup.’ Sweet green bean soup is a popular dessert containing green bean granule.

    Far from us 1.9公里,Drive time 3分
  • Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

    Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

    It is the first national park established in Taiwan. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, it has a wide variety of natural landscapes.

    Far from us 7.4公里,Drive time 11分
  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving in which the scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) which is completely independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater.

    Far from us 3.4公里,Drive time 5分
  • Semi Submarine

    Semi Submarine

    Semi submarines are submersible vessels that are capable of diving, similarly to submarines. However, unlike submarines, they cannot be entirely submerged below the surface of the water.

    Far from us 5.5公里,Drive time 8分
  • Surfing


    Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

    Far from us 10.1公里,Drive time 16分
  • Popular Water Activities

    Popular Water Activities

    Snorkeling, speed boating, banana boating, jet skiing, etc…
    To ensure your own safety, insurance is included in every activity; also, you will be accompanied by a professional coach during the whole process.

    Far from us 9.9公里,Drive time 15分
  • Parasailing


    Parasailing, is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail wing.

    Far from us 5.6公里,Drive time 9分
  • Paradise of Deer

    Paradise of Deer

    You can have a fun time feeding and caressing cute deer in the park.

    Far from us 5.6公里,Drive time 9分
  • Horseback Riding

    Horseback Riding

    Horse riding is an activity for all ages and abilities. More and more adults are taking to the sport for its exercise benefits and as a relaxing means to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Far from us 1.5公里,Drive time 2分
  • Jeep Expedition

    Jeep Expedition

    The Jeep with four-wheel drive, off-road function enables excitement-seekers to travel in the woods and rivers.

    Far from us 4.8公里,Drive time 8分
  • All Terrain Vehicle

    All Terrain Vehicle

    The four-wheel drive, off-road ATV can take you into the wilderness.

    Far from us 1.1公里,Drive time 2分
  • Go-kart Racing

    Go-kart Racing

    If you are seeking for the excitement of speed, go-kart racing would be your best choice. By racing on the outdoor tracks with competitive racers, you will gain a sense of achievement as you beat them with powerful, high speed.

    Far from us 3.1公里,Drive time 5分
  • SiChongXi Hot Spring

    SiChongXi Hot Spring

    100% sodium bicarbonate spring is edible. Reputation of one of Taiwan’s four major hot springs. Every winter the county will hold grand spa season activities here.

    Far from us 16.6公里,Drive time 25分
  • OTD Paintball

    OTD Paintball

    Before the game starts, you will be dressed like a soldier and be given a paintball gun. During the competition, you have to eliminate as many opponents as possible by tagging them with colorful paintballs in order to win the game.

    Far from us 0.7公里,Drive time 2分
  • Recreational Gun Shooting

    Recreational Gun Shooting

    With real guns and bullets, you can experience the recoil force of shooting guns as well as test yourself how well you are able to target precisely.

    Far from us 1.9公里,Drive time 3分
  • Bouncy Bumping

    Bouncy Bumping

    The inflatable bouncy bumper provides protection for players as they are enjoying the excitement of rolling down the hill.

    Far from us 1.1公里,Drive time 2分
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding

    Stand-up Paddle Boarding

    Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.

    Far from us 4.9公里,Drive time 10分
  • Girl Diving

    Girl Diving

    Every girl dreams of becoming a mermaid…
    Ariel makes it look easy, but on a course in GirlDive finds it takes training in free-diving and underwater breathing to make a splash as a mermaid.

    Far from us 9.7公里,Drive time 14分